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Jonathan, Welcome to UpKeep!!!

Ryan Chan

Welcoming Jonathan Alviar to the UpKeep family as our newest Full Stack Engineer!

We’re so happy to have a new Engineer with us this week – Jonathan Alviar!! Jonathan is a Full Stack Engineer, so he’ll be a huge part of growing our product’s features in 2020! Welcome, Jonathan!

We’re excited to welcome you to the UpKeep family, Jonathan! Tell us a little about yourself.

I am a SoCal Native. I have lived in California all my life! I love the weather here. I am a huge Marvel fan!

How did you first get into Engineering?

I have always been interested in how things work, mainly software. Software evolves rapidly over time and I love trying to keep up to date learning how the next big thing works.

Why are you excited to join UpKeep?

It’s a new experience for me! For all of my career I have been working on consumer facing / e-commerce  applications. I want to experience and take on new challenges at UpKeep!

What are your first thoughts about the culture and team so far?

They are awesome! Everyone is friendly and I already feel like I am part of the UpKeep family.  

We have to know – who is your favorite Marvel character and why?

Spider-Man! Why? I grew up reading the comics and watching the tv show and I was hooked. Also who wouldn’t want to swing around buildings and have a Spider-sense to detect danger!

And finally, perhaps most importantly, what would you be if you were a kitchen utensil?

I would want to be a blender. I am a multi-purpose tool that can be used for drinks or baking goods! I like to mix it up every now and then!  

Welcome, Jonathan!!!

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