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July 11, 2019: Non-stock Parts, Restock Parts, Automated Reporting & Company Profile

Boy oh boy, do we have some exciting updates for UpKeepers this week! This week we went big and released a bunch of new and exciting features. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Non-stock Parts

We heard from our customers that non-stock parts are imperative for their ideal workflow. You spoke up and we listened! Now when adding a part manually or through a purchase order, UpKeepers can identify parts as non-stock. Non-stock parts are inventory items which admins don’t need to be notified are running low or out of stock. These items are generally one-time purchases or necessary items that do not need to be restocked but need to be included in inventory for accurate cost tracking. This new feature enables UpKeepers to keep an accurate purchase history and keep track all parts and items that have been consumed. UpKeepers can check off the “Non-stock” box when creating a new part or purchasing the part via purchase order.

Adding a part

Purchasing a part

Restock Parts

We heard form our customers that they wanted a better understanding of when and why their parts were restocked. To help our customers get a better understanding, we added the ability to restock parts directly from the details page for each and every part listed in their inventory. For each restock event, users can now add any and all event details as well as an image of the receipt for the purchase. All of these restocking events will appear in the “Events” tab for each given part.

Automated Reporting

Set it and forget it! UpKeepers can now subscribe to any of their custom dashboards. Instead of logging into the app to review their reports, users can now select which day of the week and time they would like to receive their reports directly in their inbox!

Email Notification

Company Profile

We have give each company their very own profile! UpKeep Admins will notice a new page under their profile dropdown where they can set the company logo as well as all necessary company details, including Company Title, Address, Phone Number, and Website. Users won’t have to worry about adding the company logo to items individually as the logo set under the company profile will be applied account-wide and be the default logo for all PDFs, work order invoices and purchase orders.

Bonus Update

Helpful notifications coming your way! Admins and technical users will now receive weekly email notifications of all their upcoming work orders due in the next week, including PMs! This new notification will let each and every user know what their upcoming week holds and help them prioritize and plan for the week ahead! Keep an eye out for those new notifications and log into your UpKeep app to check out these new features!

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