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June 27, 2019: Floor Plans and More!

Ryan Chan

We could not be more excited to share our newest product updates with all of you! We’re going to start it off big and introduce…. Floor Plans! UpKeep users can now add multiple floor plans to any or all locations listed under their account.

Once a floor plan has been added, existing assets can be added as mapping points so the viewer can see where each asset is located within a facility and identify the exact location of the asset they have been assigned to work on. Custom mapping points can also be added to each floor plan, which enables our users to identify specific areas, objects, or provide additional information necessary to provide guidance through a facility. Below is an example of how a custom mapping point can provide the necessary gate code required to access a particular asset:

Floor plans help eliminate confusion for technicians or any person who has been assigned a work order or task at a facility they are not familiar with. Even if the assigned person is familiar with the facility, having a map that includes all necessary information needed to access an asset saves time and improves turn-around time.

Save Invoice as a File

UpKeep users can now save invoices as a file to their respective work orders. Adding newly created invoices to the relevant work orders helps administrators stay organized and retain the invoices for their records within UpKeep and for future reference. A new “Save Invoice” button will be located at the bottom of the invoice draft which will save the invoice as a file to the related invoice by default. The invoice will also be saved under the “Files” section of the account. This enables UpKeep users to attach invoices to other work orders or download at a later time.

Batch Download PDFs 

We are always looking for ways to improve workflows and make all processes within UpKeep as seamless as possible. We heard feedback from our customers that downloading work order PDFs one at a time could be tedious and quite frankly, a waste of time. We heard you loud and clear! Now, when selecting multiple work orders on the work order list page, users will have the option to batch download all selected work orders. Users can decide to export the selected PDFs with or without Update Notes.

Customize PDF Export Headers

Now when users export their work order list as a PDF, they can choose which columns are included in the export. This enables UpKeep users to pick and choose which data they want to appear on their PDFs at any given time. UpKeep users can choose which columns will appear in their PDF by utilizing the “Customize” feature on the work order list page. This feature will now not only customize the view of the work order list page but will also determine the headers included in the PDF export!

Log in to your UpKeep app today to check out these awesome new features!

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