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Keeping Up With UpKeep in the News! July 30, 2019

Here’s a weekly round-up of UpKeep in articles, podcasts, videos and more across the world-wide-web!

14 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn in SaaS [Databox]

The majority of SaaS businesses lose 1-3% of their customers every month. In this guide, hear from UpKeep CEO Ryan Chan and many more experts on how they keep customers onboard for years to come.

Beyond Snapchat: The Less Glamorous, B2B Side of LA Tech [Battery]

LA and Silicon Beach are more than just palm trees, sunshine and Snapchat. Take a look into the less glamorous side of LA Tech – B2B software applications. Keep an eye out for CEO Ryan Chan in the video! 

Why Embracing Failure is Vital to Growing a Successful Startup [Forbes]

Failure is inevitable, and the odds are stacked against startup founders. CEO Ryan Chan wrote an article about what the best way to fail is. He says, “The path towards success is never a straight line up and to the right — instead it’s filled with tons of ups and downs. Embrace failure, celebrate success, but never ever stop learning.”

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