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Keeping Up With UpKeep in the News! September 16, 2019

Ryan Chan

Here’s a weekly round-up of UpKeep in articles, podcasts, videos and more across the world-wide-web!

Elevating The Status Of 4.5 Million U.S. Maintenance Workers By Celebrating Unsung Heroes [Forbes]

Read our CEO’s latest Forbes article on the 4.5 million general installation, maintenance and repair workers keeping life as we know it running. Businesses that utilize maintenance teams may have a general sense of how their fixers and builders impact their work, but how much time are you dedicating to celebrating the unsung heroes who keep your businesses thriving and growing in the background?

15 Startup Companies That Rose to Tech Stardom in Los Angeles [Idea Motive]

Idea Motive asked, “Do you know which top tech companies are making waves in the La-La Land right now?” And who’s listed as #1? None other that UpKeep Maintenance Management!
“The first Los Angeles startup on our list is making life easier for maintenance teams and technicians with mobile-first maintenance management software.”

Ryan Chan the founder of UpKeep shares his Y Combinator Journey [Growth Mentor]

The candid guide to getting into Y Combinator fueled by the personal accounts of a dozen founders that have successfully passed through program. In his piece, our CEO, Ryan, shared with us the biggest advantages of Y Combinator, how to apply and what to expect once you join. Read to learn about his journey!

Sharpening Your Inventory Management Strategy, Part II [tedMagazine]

Our CEO shares strategies for managing inventory without having to over-invest in stock and physical space.

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