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Learn more about the 2019 Biggest Impact Award Winners!

Ryan Chan

The winners of the first-ever UpKeep Awards are in!

First, thank you to all of the nominators who took the time to submit their friends, colleagues, and teammates for consideration. Your recognition of your nominee’s hard work continues to inspire us, and we’re so proud to support you in honoring them. Second, this group of nominees was especially impressive because of the breadth of industries in which they work. To name a few – manufacturing, food production, hospitals, facilities, hotels, are all sustained by the list of nominees below.

Today, we are ecstatic to announce the 2019 winners and grand winners of each of our three award categories: the Biggest Impact Award, the Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability Award, and the Most Innovative Reliability Program AwardYou can find the full list of winners here.

We’d like to shine a special highlight on every single winner and grand-winner.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the Biggest Impact Award with snippets on why we are celebrating them for the incredible work they do!


  • Tami Miner –

    “Tami has worked for ODOC for almost ten years and has always supported the Construction/Maintenance and Physical Security Teams. She really is the glue that holds us all together.ODOC has had a two year partnership with UpKeep and we just renewed for our third year! Tami has been with it from the beginning and has been a true champion of UpKeep and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections! With the help of UpKeep, she manages the schedules with ease and keeps everyone on point! She’s definitely an asset to the State of Oklahoma and the Department of Corrections!”


  • Matthew Craig –

    “For the last two years, Matthew has insured UpKeep was successfully rolled out to over 20 locations across the state of Oklahoma. He also has been promoted two times as a result of the huge impact it has had on the entire department. He deeply cares about his team and making sure everyone is advancing in their roles.”


  • Jason Visenberg –

    “Jason has helped me immensely in getting up to speed in my role within the Maintenance and Reliability space. The knowledge he shares allows us to grow exponentially and I’m super grateful for his leadership!”


  • Curtis Brown –

    “Curtis is the Director of Operations, Administration at CORE Services Group, Inc. He is the main expert and administrator of UpKeep for the Facilities Management team at CORE. CORE is a non-profit that provides more than 800 beds of emergency, transitional and shelter-based housing, case management, and the provision of vocational and other supportive services to New York’s most vulnerable and difficult-to-serve homeless families, single adults and runaway youth. Without Curtis, the facilities team would have to manage an unsustainable amount of phone calls, emails, and texts to follow through on requests to upkeep the facilities that serve countless underserved people in the community. Curtis is open to constantly learning how to best use UpKeep for this purpose and for his team’s workflow.”


  • Dirk van der Laarse –

    “Dirk has been serving Horizon Global South for around 4 years. Not only is Dirk the UpKeep expert for two production facilities in South Africa, but he is also the main champion for the implementation of an Industrial ERP Manufacturing system and IT infrastructure planning. He supports and oversees Production Planning for two facilities, as well as for capacity planning and performance measurement. Dirk has taken his teams’ workflows from a simple messaging app to a fully functioning CMMS, UpKeep. Now, Dirk is continuing to optimize his team’s performance through the app and professional team management. As the model for innovation with CMMS rollouts, Dirk is planning to advance his legacy to other facilities around the globe by proving how UpKeep will help revolution their business in production. Already, their maintenance model is making waves!”


  • Husam Saleh –

    “Husam manages quality, process improvement and customer service for CSC and has helped gear CSC towards the next step in technological advancement of maintenance related work.”


  • Gregory Mecomber –

    “Gregory is constantly pushing the maintenance department to become more data driven, precise and proactive by evaluating procedures and methods for cost-benefit and effectiveness. He instituted a training program centered on general priciples and problem solving techniques such as RCM, RCA, Agile, KPIs, A4, Lean Six Sigma, PdM, condition monitoring and failure reporting & analysis. He is a member of the Donelson Lions Club; actively working on initiative to raise money for gas cards and stuffed animals for families traveling to Vanderbilt hospital so their children to receive treatment. He was the MSWalk Nashville team captain 2017, 2018; encouraging participation by coworkers to raise funds and awareness for MS and MS research.”


Read about our Grand Prize winner, Joe Coble!

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