Web Product Releases

March 29, 2019: UI Revamp and Filter Updates

Ryan Chan

This week we made some big and beautiful changes! The first thing our customers will notice upon logging into their UpKeep account is a sleek new look of our page headers and buttons. The stars of this release are the Requests, Locations, and Meters pages. Each page was given a full revamp and now has a new style, clearer indicators of statuses and upcoming due dates, and the filters applied are more apparent. Here is a quick look at what our customers will find on each page:







In addition to a new look, we also made locating specific work orders a lot easier for UpKeep users. In our most recent release, we added the ability to filter work orders by Parts and Files associated. This may seem subtle but having the ability to get more granular with your searches makes a huge impact. This new search criteria provides our customers with more relevant results and helps our users find what they need faster!


Head over to UpKeep and check it out!

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