Web Product Releases

March 4, 2019: Multiple conditions for automated workflows

Ryan Chan

Automated workflows allow our customers to maximize their productivity by automating their process for work orders and requests. Now, our users can customize their UpKeep account to reflect exactly how their team or department operates with our enhanced automated workflows. We heard from our customers that they wanted to make their automatic workflows more specific and include multiple variables. We heard the feedback loud and clear and added multiple “And” conditions to workflows.

Not only do our customer now have the ability to add multiple “And” conditions but we also added the following conditions to give our customers a broader range of workflows they can enable to help their team:

-Work Order title equal to

-Work Order title contains

-Work Order due date is between

-Work Order due date is after

Make sure to check out our new Workflow Library to see the top 5 workflows for per industry. If you don’t see your industry listed, make sure to check back as we are always updating our collection!

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