Podcast Masterminds in Maintenance

Masterminds in Maintenance Podcast Series

Ryan Chan

From UpKeep, this is Masterminds in Maintenance, a show about facility managers, technicians, reliability leaders, and the stories and insights behind the amazing maintenance teams they’ve built. Every week, we’ll be uploading a new podcast from an industry leader, maintenance technician, or anyone else that we think is a mastermind in maintenance.

Episode 1 – Ryan Chan, CEO of UpKeep

On this episode, the founder of UpKeep, Ryan Chan, tells the story of how he birthed an idea, an idea that empowered the way maintenance teams work in America and the rest of the world, an idea that grew into a multi-million dollar company.

So back in 2013, Ryan Chan, just graduated from University of California Berkeley, receiving a degree in chemical engineering. He was ecstatic at the prospect of starting his first job as a process development engineer. He would never have predicted just a few years later, he would be named Forbes 30 under 30 in manufacturing and owning a company that would dominate the likes of IBM and SAP in CMMS software. And, all of this stemmed from a problem he experienced at his first job. Listen today!

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