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Podcast Masterminds in Maintenance

Masterminds in Maintenance – Podcast by UpKeep

Ryan Chan

Introducing Masterminds in Maintenance!

We’re so thrilled to announce the creation of our very own podcast. Released every Wednesday, Masterminds in Maintenance is podcast for those with new ideas in maintenance. Each week, UpKeep CEO Ryan Chan meets with a guest who has had an idea for how to shake things up in the maintenance and reliability industry. Sometimes the idea failed, sometimes it made their businesses more successful, and other times their idea revolutionized entire industries.

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Matching an industry-leading software company with industry leaders.

Here at UpKeep, we pride ourselves on our mobile-first CMMS. Our mission is to empower maintenance teams to revolutionize their businesses. UpKeep was recently named a front-runner by Gartner as a software. However, we want to change the future of maintenance beyond our product.

No need to dig deep into complex, academic literature – Masterminds in Maintenance brings maintenance and reliability into conversation. Presenting cutting edge ideas from industry leaders who live and breathe maintenance and reliability day in and day out.

Join the conversation!

Are you an industry leader in the fields of maintenance and reliability? We want to hear from you! If you would like to be featured as a guest on our podcast, please sign up here.
Stay tuned for more inspiring guests to come in future episodes!

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