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May 2, 2019: Purchase Order Revamp and Meter Reading Form Item

Ryan Chan

In this week’s product release we made some big changes! Instead of listing out all of those changes in a lengthly list, let’s walk through them together!

Creating a Purchase Order:

The purchase order creation process got a makeover and boy, does it look good. At first glance, you can immediately see the new and approved layout which has been organized into sections based on the type of information needed. When checking out the new layout you will also notice two new features that will enable the creator to customize their purchase order. Let’s take a closer look at these changes:

Customizing Purchase Order Number

UpKeep users can now set a custom purchase order number in the creation process. This change may seem small but it is super significant to a lot of our customers. This new capability enables our users to maintain consistency in their numbering convention across all of the platforms their company uses in their internal workflow. Not only can our users edit the purchase order number on each individual work order but we have also given administrators the ability to set the the number they want their first purchase order to increment from. This is a huge help for our customers that migrate data from other platforms and need their purchase orders to be aligned with the numbers from their previous platform. This new setting gives administrators control over their purchase order numbering system and the flexibility to update their start count at any time.

Another feature we added which will allow our users to customize their purchase orders is the ability to customize the logo per purchase order. When creating a purchase order, the creator can select to include the company logo or add any logo of their choosing for complete customization.

Customizing Purchase Order Logo

Now that we have walked through the new and improved purchase order creation process, lets take a look at what has been added to submitted purchase orders!

The New Look:

The new design of the submitted work order provides a cleaner layout and a clear indication of the status for each order being reviewed. The status of each order will now appear with a banner at the top with the designated status color. Not only is the status for each order more apparent, but we have also added an entirely new status! Introducing..Partially Fulfilled!

Partially Fulfilled Status

Before this new partial fulfillment feature, our users would need to wait until all parts of a purchase order were received in order to have the newly received parts reflected in their inventory. Parts are received at different rates and can be received in incremental amounts. We heard our customers when they expressed the need for tracking incomplete purchase orders and needing the ability to have their inventory updated even if a purchase order wasn’t completely fulfilled. Now as parts are received, users can update their purchase orders incrementally and have the newly received parts shown in their inventory immediately.

Once all parts included in a purchase order have been received in full, the purchase order will then be marked as fulfilled.

Equally as exciting, we have added meter readings as a form item type that can be included in work orders! We heard from our customers that meter readings are a task that will commonly be required when conducting and completing a work order. We recognized that it was tedious to enter a meter reading on a work order as a numerical form item and then making the same update to the relevant meter. We decided to take a stand against tediousness! With this new addition, technicians can enter a meter reading directly to a work order and have it update the relevant meter in real-time.

Meter Reading as a Form Item

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