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This Third-Generation McDonald’s Owner Uses UpKeep to Keep McFlurries on Tap

Ryan Chan

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At the six McDonald’s locations David Hadley operates, customers can expect to get the McFlurry they came for.

McDonald’s is the largest restaurant chain in the world, serving nearly 70 million people per day. With less than 20% of restaurants owned and operated by McDonald’s itself, its success is due to the owners/operators who partner with McDonald’s as franchisees. David Hadley is one of these owners/operators.

David’s great uncle bought his first McDonald’s restaurant shortly after McDonald’s started franchising in 1955. This led to his uncle managing dozens of restaurants and introducing the rest of the family to the business. Today, David is part of that business. David and his father own and operate six restaurant locations in Oklahoma.

To improve maintenance operations at these locations, David uses UpKeep.

Pictures of McDonald's staff using UpKeep for restaurant maintenance

UpKeep fills the software gap and reduces downtime

McDonald’s provides franchisees with some software to improve operations, including point of sale (POS) software and a portal with preventive maintenance procedures. But David also needed software to increase equipment uptime and maintenance response times. As a franchise owner/operator with an OTP-3 certification, the highest technical certification McDonald’s offers, he was diligent in his search and eventually decided on UpKeep.

Now, UpKeep helps him avoid being part of the running joke that the McDonald’s ice cream machine is always down — the machine that powers 60 percent of McDonald’s dessert menu including milkshakes, sundaes, and McFlurries.

“I make sure that joke doesn’t apply to our restaurants,” says David. “When equipment goes down, it’s only down for a short time. The shift manager submits a work request with UpKeep, our maintenance team gets a notification, and we’re there to fix the issue in under an hour. After this, I can report on issues to reduce future downtime”

How the maintenance workflow at McDonald’s

  1. The shift manager creates a work request. The manager creates the request with the UpKeep app on the restaurant’s iPad.
  2. David and his lead technician receive the request. UpKeep sends them a push notification and email. The work request is turned into a work order.
  3. The issue is fixed and the work order is closed. UpKeep notifies David and his lead technician that the issue is resolved.
  4. David runs reports of open and closed work orders. David can view work order details and get a full work order history for individual equipment.

With the help of UpKeep, equipment downtime is minimal at David’s restaurants. Now the biggest culprits of downtime are tripped breakers and human error. Downtime is no longer a result of poor communication. All maintenance-related issues are logged in UpKeep and David and his maintenance team are informed immediately.

UpKeep makes maintenance a team sport

Some shift managers use the UpKeep app on their smartphone so they can easily view updates for work requests they submit. And since there’s no limit to the amount of devices or requesters you can add to an UpKeep account, all shift managers can use UpKeep at no additional cost.

“At our Warner location, we have the app on the restaurant’s iPad, the GM has it on their phone, and the maintenance worker has it on his phone,” says David. “It’s easy for everyone to be aware about what’s going on for all maintenance-related issues.”

UpKeep makes delegating maintenance tasks easy

When David started improving maintenance operations with UpKeep, he was delegating maintenance tasks himself. Realizing this wasn’t scalable, he trained his lead technician on how to delegate maintenance tasks to the rest of the maintenance team with UpKeep. Now, David can keep an eye on the bigger picture rather than being involved in every single maintenance activity.

Since UpKeep is designed for ease of use, David was able to train his eight maintenance workers on UpKeep in a single training session. Now, David only needs to communicate with his lead technician on an as-needed basis. He can see everything else through the UpKeep app.

“The first thing I do when I get to the office in the morning is open the UpKeep dashboard,” says David.

In a single view, David can see which work orders are open, in progress, on hold, and complete. He can also see requests that are awaiting approval and parts that are out of stock. If he needs to get involved, he can easily view work order and inventory details.

In addition to owning/operating six locations and being OTP-3 certified, David is the technology advocate for McDonald’s Green County Co-Op that’s attended by 19 operators who manage 150 restaurants. He’s also extremely passionate about improving McDonald’s restaurant experience and we’re honored to help him do just that.

If you’re interested in learning more about using UpKeep for your QSRs, you can contact David at [email protected] Or you can get started with UpKeep today.

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