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Meet the 2019 UpKeep Awards Winners – Joe Coble, Biggest Impact Award and Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability!

Ryan Chan

The winners of the first-ever UpKeep Awards are in!

First, thank you to all of the nominators who took the time to submit their friends, colleagues, and teammates for consideration. Your recognition of your nominee’s hard work continues to inspire us, and we’re so proud to support you in honoring them. Second, this group of nominees was especially impressive because of the breadth of industries in which they work. To name a few – manufacturing, food production, hospitals, facilities, hotels, are all sustained by the list of nominees below.

Today, we are ecstatic to announce the 2019 winners and grand winners of each of our three award categories: the Biggest Impact Award, the Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability Award, and the Most Innovative Reliability Program Award. You can find the full list of winners here.

We’d like to shine a special highlight on every single winner and grand-winner. Without further ado…

Meet Joe Coble, Grand Winner of the Biggest Impact Award and Winner of the Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability Award!

Joe was nominated not once, not twice, but ELEVEN SEPARATE TIMES by his team at Excel Fitness across two award categories:

Biggest Impact Award:

This award is for the individual in your community who has made the biggest impact. Impact can mean many things, but this nominee should have made a difference on a business, another person, or the community surrounding them. The Biggest Impact Made Award was given to those who have created a lasting impact on the processes and people that they touch in their role.

Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability Award: 

This award is for the individual in your community who has immense potential. The Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability is someone who is at the beginning of their career or maybe someone who is on the cusp of career development. Either way, this person shows promise for advancement and success.

Joe oversees on site maintenance for 14 of locations and does a phenomenal job keeping our equipment up and running. Here are just a few of the wonderful things Joe’s team had to say about him and his work!

“Why is this nominee deserving of the Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability (Individual) award?”

  • Joe is always making sure the clubs are up and running. Truly a backbone!
  • Joe is always bring a positive attitude while consistently being productive!
  • Joe does a fantastic job at what he does! Anytime something needs to be fixed he is on the ball or communicating with us on what we are waiting on. He is our Go-To guy and always coming it to get the job done right.
  • Joe always follows through with every task given as quickly as possible. He is the reason behind our gyms running so smoothly. Joe is always so friendly, helpful, and thorough.
  • He is always finding ways to save the company money by helping train managers and using common sense and cost cutting tactics to maximize results with little expense.
  • Joe has been our maintenance technician for the last 4-5 years and excels at his job! He is quick to communicate with us on any issues we need resolved and fixes our equipment in the blink of the eye, despite traveling to 14 locations! He also encourages questions and has helped teach me many ways I can also fix smaller problems, empowering me to be a better leader. He is critical to our day to day operations, and we would not be nearly as successful without Joe!
  • Our company could not run without Joe. He is simply the best in the business without a doubt in my mind. He is one of the hardest workers that I’ve met. He has recently taken on more and more clubs and has too many to count. Yet he still has time for each one of our different locations. Any needs we have he immediately will come and fix it. Anytime we have any questions he will answer and help us out. He is truly the best we could ask for.
  • Joe Coble has been our OUTSTANDING Maintenance Tech for Excel Fitness (Planet Fitness) for many quality years. He currently single-handedly services 14 PF locations in OK, MO, and AR. His internal and external customer service, work ethic, integrity, team player attitude, level of personal ownership in accountability, and impeccable quality of work is a blessing for our team and members. Our Raving Fans constantly note how well the clubs are maintained and swiftly items are repaired. Joe makes his Biggest Impact in his positive interactions with the team, work horse effort behind the scenes, and in leading by example daily!



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