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Meet the 2019 UpKeep Awards Winners – LaWayne Smith, Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability!

Ryan Chan

The winners of the first-ever UpKeep Awards are in!

First, thank you to all of the nominators who took the time to submit their friends, colleagues, and teammates for consideration. Your recognition of your nominee’s hard work continues to inspire us, and we’re so proud to support you in honoring them. Second, this group of nominees was especially impressive because of the breadth of industries in which they work. To name a few – manufacturing, food production, hospitals, facilities, hotels, are all sustained by the list of nominees below.

Today, we are ecstatic to announce the 2019 winners and grand winners of each of our three award categories: the Biggest Impact Award, the Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability Award, and the Most Innovative Reliability Program Award. You can find the full list of winners here.

We’d like to shine a special highlight on every single winner and grand winner. Without further ado…

Meet LaWayne Smith, Grand Winner of the Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability Award!

Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability Award: 

This award is for the individual in your community who has immense potential. The Up-and-Comer in Maintenance and Reliability is someone who is at the beginning of their career or maybe someone who is on the cusp of career development. Either way, this person shows promise for advancement and success.

LaWayne has been working in reliability for about 1 year, and his impact has already been felt in significant ways at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

In the UpKeep Awards nomination form, LaWayne’s nominator shared the profound changes LaWayne has already implemented in his first year:

  1. A reliability & maintenance management policy, centralizing the 5 maintenance zones under one consistent reliability strategy
  2. Various PdM technologies
  3. A strong reliability culture at his workplace
    and much more!


We can’t wait to see how you continue to affect the maintenance and reliability world with your talent and passion!

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