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New and Strengthened Friendships Within the UpKeep Team in the Age of Quarantine

Ryan Chan

Amid social distancing and quarantine, many folks in the UpKeep team have become good friends and grown closer together! Despite being in isolation, many have been finding opportunities to connect with someone on the team over similar hobbies and interests. Chelsea, our Project Coordinator, said this,

“When we emerge from this challenging time, our team is going to be so surprised at how much we’ve grown together rather than apart. I don’t think we notice it now. But, when we are back in the office, talking with someone we might have not talked to before we started working from home, then I think it’ll hit us. And, it’s going to be a really special moment.”

We asked our team to share stories of new and strengthened friendships that were made during this season, and here are their responses!

Quarantine Fashion Trends

While there are plenty of individuals who continue to start their day by getting dressed for the day ahead, many of us have a hard time getting out of our PJs. The perfect compromise? Loungewear.

Caitlyn Young-Gilbert, our Chief of Staff, shared,

Nicole (Account Manager) and I have bonded over finding the perfect at-home loungewear on a budget. Now, we can continue twinning from a social distance! To be really honest, it’s just me copy Nicole’s impeccable style and buying literally whatever she recommends.”

Gamers Unite

Imagine escaping to an island paradise, where money comes out of rocks and trees, and fruits give you magical powers. This may sound surreal, but many are doing it right now through a video game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Elizabeth Johnson, our Senior Customer Success Manager, said,

“I think Miji (Manager of Customer Success) and I have strengthened our friendship over Animal Crossing! We talk about ways to improve our islands and how to complete certain tasks. I even created an Animal Crossing Slack channel so other people can join in!”

Let’s Get This Bread

Ever wondered why grocery stores nationwide have ran out of flour, yeast, and other baking supplies? Many have turned to bread baking to pass the time, fill some tummies, and even relieve stress, including some of our very own UpKeepers! In our Cooking Club Slack channel, we love seeing talks of sourdough starters, photos of successful (and not so successful) loaves of bread, as well as baking tips and tricks.

Justin, our Technical Product Manager, shared,

Jungho (Android Developer) and I have bonded through bread baking and all things cooking. We practically have a daily status on bread on baking!”

Binge-Watching Through Crisis

After a well ordered day at work, what better way to distract ourselves from the doom and gloom of this crisis than by watching some our favorite movies and television shows?

Rachel Wittlin, our Senior Implementation Manager, said,

“Rachel J. (Senior Customer Success Manager) and I have grown our Rachel bond with daily check-ins and bonding over our love of the same shows. Shout out to ‘Insecure’ on HBO #WeLoveIssa!”

Rachel Johnson followed by saying,

“We’ve also binge-watched “High Fidelity” on Hulu, have weekly recaps of Sunday night’s episodes of “Insecure”, and send each other memes on Instagram all day! #JustRachelThings”

Start of Something Beautiful

We love seeing the camaraderie and meaningful connections that are being built and formed every single day between members of our team, even in the midst of a global pandemic. No wonder we are one of Inc. Magazine’s best workplaces of 2020 – we have an amazing team filled with vibrant individuals!

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