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November 8, 2019: Invoice Redesign

Ryan Chan

Holy redesign! We are so excited to share our new invoicing experience with all of you! We received feedback from our customers that creating an invoice that includes all of the itemized time and cost from a work order was frustrating because the itemized items would have to be added in manually. We decided to not only to take away redundancy when creating invoices, but also give it a new and improved look and flow. Let’s take a look at the old invoicing experience and then a look into what is new and here to stay.




What’s new? I’m glad you asked! First and foremost, you will notice the new flow of the invoice appearing from the side of the screen, similar to the flow our UpKeepers experience when selecting a work order. This is not only consistent with how UpKeepers view selected items throughout the application but it also provides a seamless experience of viewing the invoice on the same page they were originally viewing.

Secondly, UpKeepers can now choose to include their company details on the invoice, which will autofill with one easy click, as well as the company logo:

Lastly, and we did save the best for last, all itemized time and cost will now appear on the invoice as a separate line item under “Additional Costs”. OG UpKeepers know this is a HUGE improvement! When entering time manually, UpKeepers can enter an hourly rate and choose to include the hourly rate in the total cost. Every time the time with an hourly rate is included in the total cost, the worker assigned, the category, and the cost will be included as a line item on the invoice 🤯!

Hop into your UpKeep account today and start sending those invoices!

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