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Occurrence Based Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Ryan Chan

At UpKeep, we’re always looking to improve workflows for customers and users with a wide range of applications. Today, we’re happy to release our newest feature and one that many of our customers have been pushing us to create.

Introducing Occurrence Based Preventative Maintenance Schedules

It’s definitely a handful to take in, but here’s what that means: Instead of creating work orders that recur every month or every week, it repeats 7 days or 30 days AFTER the previous work order was completed. Here are a few ideas of when that might be helpful!

  • Creating monthly safety inspections around the facility
    • Let’s say this month’s inspection lands on a long 3 day weekend and your entire team is out. You decide to push back the inspection back 5 days later. Instead of repeating the next month’s inspection in 25 days, our new time based preventative maintenance schedule will create a new one PM schedule for 30 days from when that inspection was completed so that your team isn’t doing more work than needed!
  • Creating yearly based audits
    • Your team is on top of their work and actually completes the audit a month early! Regulation says that your facility must be audited every 12 months. Instead of repeating that preventative maintenance work order from 13 months from the originally planned schedule, we’ll make sure that it gets set 12 months from when the most current one was completed!
  • And so much more!

These are just a few ideas on how our occurrence based preventative maintenance schedules could work, but we don’t want to limit your imagination.

At UpKeep, we constantly bringing your team new features to help streamline your maintenance workflow process at your facility. Interested in learning more? Sign up for a free account today!

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