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How to Create a Preventive Maintenance Checklist

With some effort up front, you can significantly increase equipment uptime and the utility of your facilities with preventive maintenance (PM). After you determine which assets and locations are suitable for preventive maintenance, the next step is to create a checklist for all your PMs. Checklists give your technicians the information they need to complete PMs correctly and efficiently.

In this article, we provide specific examples of PM checklists for different types of locations and assets to help you optimize your preventive maintenance program.

Create your preventive maintenance checklist

There is no one-size-fits all preventive maintenance checklist. Every location and asset is different. That’s why we’re constantly updating this article with new checklists for specific building and equipment types.

To start, find the checklist you need below. When you find it, click the link beneath the checklist that says “Google Sheet”. Then, in the Google Sheet, select File > Make a Copy. This will give you the ability to edit the checklist. You can also create an unlimited amount of copies for future PM efforts.

If you don’t find the checklist you need, look at how the other checklists in this article are structured. This will give you ideas for how to structure a custom checklist. If you’re an asset manager, you can also check if the equipment manufacturer has PM checklists.

Whether you use a checklist in this article or a custom checklist, there is some minimum checklist criteria. Every preventive maintenance checklist should have the following:

  • Checkboxes for completion tracking
  • Task details with clear instructions
  • Task status (i.e. pass, flag, fail)
  • Actions needed to correct any issue

Some checklists even include a column for noting whether an issue was corrected during the PM (like the school maintenance checklist featured below). Other checklists only include the minimum checklist criteria (like the HVAC maintenance checklist featured below).

Add your checklist to your maintenance plan

To integrate your PM checklist into your preventive maintenance program, simplify your checklist as much as possible. The simpler the checklist is, the more likely technicians are to fill it out correctly. (No one wants to mark off hundreds of fields on a paper checklist when their hands are dirty.)

This simplification will also make it easy to add the checklist to your CMMS. Adding the checklist to your maintenance management system will give technicians the ability to use their mobile devices instead of paper for PMs. It will also ensure PM activity is logged and recorded (unlike paper checklists that can easily get lost).

Preventive Maintenance Checklists

This article currently has preventive maintenance checklist templates for the following types of assets and locations:

Equipment and Machines

  • Steam boilers
  • HVAC systems
  • Wet scrubbers

Buildings and Facilities

  • Schools
  • Commercial buildings

Vehicles and Fleets

  • Semi trucks

Equipment and Machine Maintenance Checklists

Using an equipment/machine preventive maintenance checklist template for high-value assets that experience constant use will help you increase the lifespan of those assets. It will also give your technicians the information they need to complete the PM as quickly as possible. You can attach these checklists to recurring work orders in your CMMS to improve your maintenance efforts.

Steam boiler maintenance checklist

After defective low water cutoffs, a lack of preventive maintenance is the leading cause of boiler incidents and failures. To protect these assets that cost tens of thousands of dollars — and keep your facility safe and operational — you can run PMs on a daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual basis. In the template below, there are checklists for each time interval.

Google Sheet
You can view the original checklist here (Cleaver-Brooks)

HVAC maintenance checklist

A lower or higher number of PM tasks may be needed for preventive maintenance on your HVAC equipment. For instance, water-cooled systems are supported by a chiller that will also need maintenance while a VRF system has different parts and components. You can add to this initial checklist to make it applicable for your specific HVAC system.

Preventive maintenance for HVAC systems is typically completed twice per year — once before the hot season and once before the cold season — which is reflected in the template below.

Google Sheet
You can view the original checklist here (Arista)

Wet scrubber maintenance checklist

For proper operation and environment compliance, wet scrubbers should undergo various preventive maintenance checks. In the scrubber checklist below, there are checklist items for pre-startup, daily, and monthly maintenance. Performing these PM checks will prolong the life of your scrubber and keep the surrounding environment free of hazardous and corrosive chemicals.

Google Sheet
You can view the original checklist here (Environmental Compliance Alert)

Buildings and Facilities Maintenance Checklists

Using a building/facility maintenance checklist template will help you increase the utility of your buildings and facilities. By giving your maintenance team checklists for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual inspections, you can significantly reduce the amount of incoming work requests and complaints.

School maintenance checklist

The school system that created the following checklist advises its maintenance team to make all attempts to fix an issue onsite before creating a work order. The school also advises employees to send the checklist to the Director of Buildings and Grounds upon completion and create a copy for their own records.

Google Sheet
You can view the original checklist here (Bullitt County Public Schools)

Commercial building maintenance checklist

Whether you need an office building maintenance checklist or a preventive maintenance checklist for your commercial buildings, the following checklist is a good starting point. It provides key checklist items for a building’s interior and exterior, elevators, HVAC systems, and more.

Google Sheet
You can view the original checklist here (

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Checklists

Semi truck maintenance checklist

For semi trucks and commercial motor vehicles there are four types of preventive maintenance checklists. These are called PM A, PM B, PM C, and PM D checklists. As you move up the alphabet, the PM increases in complexity. The items in the following template are general and you can make them more specific as needed.

Google Sheet
You can view the original checklist here (J.J. Keller)

Make your maintenance checklists mobile

You can put checklists in the palms of your technicians by adding maintenance checklists to your CMMS on UpKeep. To get started, create a free UpKeep account.