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Q&A with Taylor Short, Market researcher at Software Advice

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We, at UpKeep, are constantly working day and night bringing you and your business features to help improve your work productivity. Just last week, we were honored to be featured in “5 Maintenance Apps that Streamline Work Order Management” by Software Advice. We connected with the report’s author Taylor Short for a Q&A about top CMMS features, tools, and software selection tips.

So… If you’re looking for a CMMS and maybe even choosing UpKeep, then read on – this article was created for you!

What is the best way for CMMS buyers to determine the features they need?

Before deciding which maintenance management features a company needs, it’s important to establish a goal or purpose for the system. What specific result do you want the CMMS to deliver? Maybe it’s increasing asset availability, or reducing maintenance costs. Either way, maintenance managers should meet with company executives to determine their goal; from there, you can work with the software vendor to choose a customized feature set that can help meet that goal.

How can mobile CMMS applications improve maintenance operations?

Mobility is the hottest topic in maintenance management software today. Maintenance departments are always looking to streamline their daily tasks, and a mobile CMMS can essentially eliminate the time needed to travel between the office and the worksite. Aside from time savings, managers gain oversight on preventive maintenance tasks and work orders no matter where they may be.

Why is communication and collaboration important for a maintenance team, and how can that be achieved?

Maintenance teams need real-time information to make the best decisions about which work orders are a priority, who is assigned each task and the location of each technician. When everyone is on the same page, managers can make smarter decisions about where to allocate resources and can avoid creating redundant work orders. Many modern CMMSs offer a way to communicate with team members via instant messaging or comments on projects.

What are some top tips for the software selection process?

For the software selection process, companies need to determine their goal for the software, but that’s only part of the picture. They should also evaluate a CMMS vendor’s support resources, tutorials, training sessions and upgrade process. A CMMS can be used for several years, and ongoing support will be critical in getting the most out of your investment, especially for those without a dedicated IT team. Once you sort out your top features and necessary integrations and create a short list of products, we recommend reaching out to software vendors like UpKeep to set up a product demo.

Taylor Short

Taylor Short is a Market Research Associate at Software Advice, covering trends in small business tech and CMMS software. He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of North Texas, and has conducted primary research with both consumers and business owners to get a full picture of technology’s role in these markets today.

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