2021 State of Maintenance Report

Today, UpKeep is releasing the second annual 2021 State of Maintenance Report. 

Ricky Smith, CMRP becomes UpKeep's Maintenance Expert in Residence

We are so excited to welcome Ricky Smith, CMRP, CRL, and CMRT to the UpKeep team as our Maintenance Expert in Residence! Ricky is a renowned maintenance & reliability trainer who has written over 12 books on Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices. He has consulted with organizations around the world and brings over 30 years of maintenance experience to the UpKeep team.

Infographic: What separates a good facility manager from a GREAT facility manager

What are Some Most Helpful eBooks for a Facilities Manager?

There are a lot of good resources for Facility Managers out there! Some are in the context of e-books, others in the form of groups, and online resources. I’ll just point out a few that I know of.

How do I become a great facility manager?

If you're interested in finding out what truly separates a good facility manager versus a great facility manager, read on. I can say the biggest difference is whether you are proactive or not.

Top 4 Challenges as a Facility Manager

Just to preface, I am not a facility manager myself. Instead, I have been in the trenches of working right next to facility managers and technicians. Now I work with facility managers to help improve their work flow process.

How to become the best facility manager -- knowing your assets

As a facilities management leader, knowing the status of your assets, where they are located, and who is in charge of equipment repairs are essential to your role. Proper equipment organization at your facility can improve efficiency, maximize your bottom line, put more time in your hands, and prevent equipment breakdowns before they occur.

What are a Facility Managers primary KPIs?

Interested in how other facilities track KPIs? Key Performance Indicators are extremely valuable in determining the efficiency of your maintenance team and facility status.