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September 20, 2019: Apply Required Fields to Requests and Filter Parts by Asset Assigned

Ryan Chan


With this week’s product release, UpKeepers users now have extra reinforcement in enforcing data integrity for work orders being created. When UpKeep admins set their work order configuration for creating a work order, those requirements will also be applied to pending requests. With this new update, all pending requests must include the required fields for creating a work order before the admin can approve a request to be converted into a work order. This will help to increase efficiency and improve turnaround time in addressing requests by ensuring all necessary information has been included in the first go-around.

Apply Required Fields to Requests

When viewing a pending request, the admin will see a red asterisk on every required field. This gives the admin visibility into which fields have not been completed and must be entered to uphold data integrity.

Trying to skip one of those required fields? Not today! The app will let you know which fields you may have missed in completing the request before the approval will be accepted.

Filter Parts by Asset Assigned

Upkeepers can now filter their parts and inventory by the asset assigned! We heard from our customers that there was no good way to filter their inventory by the asset assigned. This is useful for UpKeepers to filter their data to a more precise view and enables them with an improved process for tracking their moving inventory.

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