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Resources From Our Partners To Navigate COVID-19

Ryan Chan

As our maintenance and reliability communities navigate the COVID-19 crisis, many have asked, “How can I stay productive during this unplanned downtime?”

We turned to our partners to help answer this question and ensure that when the dust settles, and things get back to business-as-usual, our community members will be uniquely positioned to provide value to their respective organizations.

Here are some special offers provided to you by our amazing partners!

Greeman Asset Management Solutions with UpKeep

Greeman Asset Management Solutions Inc. focuses on helping firms to align their operations to their asset management policies and strategic plans and to derive value from their assets.

Essentials of Asset Management and ISO 5500x is an online 21-hour course aimed at middle management and other professionals with responsibility for managing physical assets. Often times, organizations do not have the business processes and the asset information in place to support managing assets for value. And much value is lost because asset risks such as failure are not proactively anticipated. This course focuses on global best-in-class practices to holistically manage assets and optimize levels of service over their life cycles from acquisition to disposal. The course will position these professionals to understand asset risks and interpret organizational exposure, and make financially-optimized asset decisions to deliver asset performance through long term planning. The course is designed to be multi-disciplinary, in order to foster effective cross-functional team approach when participants return to their workplaces.

Additionally, this course has been endorsed by the World Partners in Asset Management (WPiAM) and covers content for anyone who wants to be a Certified Asset Management Assessor or other asset management related certifications.

*10% discount to UpKeep clients using discount code: EAM10

To register or for more information, please go to the Registration Link.

Road to Reliability with UpKeep

Road to Reliability is a site that offers online training, coaching and consulting services in all aspects of maintenance, reliability and asset management.

You can find an SMRP approved, fully-online training course on Implementing Maintenance Planning & Scheduling here!

*25% discount to ANYONE using discount code: BeatCorona

Thank you to our Partners

We are incredibly grateful to our partners for extending a helping hand to our maintenance and reliability communities!

And, thank you to our year-long partners that continue to provide valuable resources to the maintenance and reliability industry!

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