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Meet the UpKeep Team -We're real people helping solve real problems in maintenance

Here at UpKeep, working hard every single day is SO important to us. The culture we create in our office directly affects not only the work we produce, but also the way we treat each other and our customers. We strive to embody our company values to create the best working environment for everyone on our team and deliver the best product that we can! Especially as we’re continuing to grow and opening more positions to add new members to our team, it’s crucial that we know who we are as a company and stay connected to why we do what we do. Our motivating values are:

We’re mobile-first, so we turned our Teslas into UpKeepMobiles… Here’s why!

I've been reflecting a lot on why I am so UpKeep obsessed and the little ways it has become part of my everyday life. And I’ve realized it’s because of you. Each and every one of you in the maintenance community.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Next Job Opportunity

Due to the spread of COVID-19 and the downturn in the economy, many from the maintenance industry and other industries have either been furloughed, or lost their job entirely. If you’ve recently lost your means of employment, we’re going to help prepare you to find that next opportunity. Through this webinar, our Head of Recruitment, Tyler, and HR Director, Katie, will teach resume do’s and don’ts, where to look for that next job, the steps in applying for a job and how to nail that interview.

S2:E11 Careers Considered - Maintenance Management with April Johnson

In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have April Johnson, Maintenance Manager at Pepsico, on the show! Continuing on in our short series, "Careers Considered", where we dive deeper into the different jobs in the maintenance and reliability industry, we are excited to hear from April about what it is like working as a maintenance manager! Listen today!

S2:E12 Ultrasonic Technologies Driving Meaningful Impact with Adrian Messer

In this week's episode Masterminds in Maintenance, we are exited to have Adrian Messer, Director of US Operations at UE Systems, on the show! With over 17 years of experience working with ultrasonic technologies, Adrian shares with us how these technologies can be used to positively impact maintenance teams everywhere! Listen today!

S2:E14 Leveling Up Your Organization's Leadership with Rob Kalwarowsky

In this week's episode of Masterminds in Maintenance, we are excited to have Rob Kalwarowsky back on the show! Rob and Ryan discuss all things leadership - qualities of a great leader, values at the core of good leadership, and much more! Listen today!

UpKeep's Remote Life: How to Maintain Work-Life Balance During COVID

According to The American Institute of Stress, 80% of American workers feel stress on the job, and nearly half want to learn how to better manage stress. And, this study was done before COVID-19 hit, turning work as we know it on its head. Navigating through this challenge, individuals and organizations must proactively take actions to prevent the onset of stress.

UpKeep Launches Online Courses

One of our goals here at UpKeep is to share educational resources within our community to encourage continuous learning and development. Today, we're releasing the first course in a series of new online classes available for individuals in the maintenance and reliability space: Reliability City: Training Camp 1 (UpKeep Basics).

A Year With UpKeep

It’s pretty rare to have a 1-year work anniversary sneak up on you, but a few weeks ago over lunch with my department, that’s exactly what happened. We had just finished celebrating a colleague’s 1 year with UpKeep - a huge accomplishment for a young start up - and I was super excited to throw another surprise for whoever was next on the roster. When I found out it was in fact ME, I could not BELIEVE that a full year had flown by.