How to Start Using UpKeep’s Zapier Integrations

Ryan Chan

If you’ve ever been wondering if UpKeep is able to integrate with another software that you’re using for business needs, the answer might be relatively simple! Through our direct integration with a company called Zapier, you’ll be able to do exactly this. Zapier allows for integrations with a whole catalog of applications. We currently have a few triggers that you can directly interface with software of your choosing, these are:

  • Work Order Status Change – Triggers when a status changes on a work order.
  • New Work Order – Triggers when a new work order is created.
  • New Request – Triggers when a new request is created.

Utilizing triggers will allow you to set-up automated actions, an example of this is when a work order status changes, you could have it automate an email through a gmail integration. Alternatively you can also have a tool integrate with UpKeep to populate actions within our application! These are called actions, and currently the two actions available are:

  • Create Request
  • Create Work Order

How to Get Started with Zapier

To start using UpKeep’s Zapier integrations, you’ll have to create a Zapier account. Here’s how to do exactly that:

  1. Go to the Zapier website
  2. Sign up for a Zapier account – Here
  3. Select the Sign Up for Free button or enter info in the form – or log into your existing Zapier account.

Setup and Configuration

UpKeep and Zapier work together using Triggers and Actions:

Managed in Zapier, zaps receive your data from UpKeep and send it on to another service Zaps and Zapier Actions need to go together in pairs – create multiple pairs to integrate with multiple services. We have a full write-up that gives you the step-by-step process of integration UpKeep with whichever application you’re looking to utilize: Configure Your First UpKeep Zap

Does Zapier Integrate UpKeep with the Software I Use?

Zapier allows UpKeep to integrate with over 750 applications. You can check to see if the software you’re using is on the list here.

You can also visit our Zapier Integration profile here.
You’ll be able to see some of the pre-formatted integrations that we have set up, for example:

  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • Slack
  • & More

UpKeep’s Zapier User Guides

We already have a few “How To” guides in out help section for you to help get going with Zapier, we’ve listed these guides below:

How do I use the Zapier Integration?

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