breast cancer awareness month, upkeep
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Supporting Our Community – Breast Cancer Awareness

Ryan Chan

UpKeep Donates to Needs in our Communities

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, meaning that each year people, companies, and communities around the country come together to increase awareness for the breast cancer community. As October winds down, we are proud to join the fight.

Though not a maintenance cause per se, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone in any community that is not affected by breast cancer in some way – including UpKeep employees, customers, and all their loved ones.

We’re supporting City of Hope, a cancer research and treatment facility in Southern California. City of Hope is one of few comprehensive care facilities in the nation, balancing exceptional patient care with cutting-edge research and education. On our sales team, we have a pair of cousins Nicole Stehura and John Oriola. Nicole’s mom, John’s aunt, is a breast cancer survivor and we’re so proud to honor her with this donation. Nicole spoke about her mom:

“This definitely was the toughest time for our family. My mom and her unconditional selflessness often put on the strongest face for my sister and I, but deep down we understood how much pain she was in. I would rather shift our focus from the laundry list of pain she endured as her body fought the insidious disease to who she is today.

Thanks to City of Hope, my mom is now healthy and cancer-free. My mom glows with positivity and is a walking super-woman. They are making advancements in cancer research, have specialized treatment plans and an amazing team to help during recovery. I could not imagine life without her. I know that the reality of this situation is not everyone has these resources available to them, but I’m optimistic that one day that will change.”

breast cancer awareness month, upkeep

John too shared about his experience:

“I can’t pretend to fully understand what Nicole must’ve felt, but still, her mom (my aunt) has a very special place in my heart. To reiterate what Nicole’s already said, we’ve learned to shift our focus away from cancer and place it back on love. The worst thing about cancer is that it can sometimes become all you can think about when it affects someone close to you. At the end of the day, cancer can try and take the body, but it will never succeed in taking away the love they’ve given. I recognize that I am one of the lucky ones, since my aunt is a survivor. My aunt (Nicole’s mom) is one of the strongest people I know and growing up she took care of me like one of her own. I spent almost every weekend of my upbringing with Nicole and my aunt, so I am grateful for the work City of Hope and I will forever feel blessed by it.”

To Mama Stehura – thank you for letting us borrow your amazing daughter and nephew (and occasionally your dog!) every day! The two of them truly shine within our team and we know that is a direct reflection of who you are as a mom and an aunt. We hope to meet you soon!

Breast cancer awareness month, upkeep

If you too would like to support this cause, you can find their donations page here.

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