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Supporting our Maintenance Community – Friends Forever Humane Society

Ryan Chan
We love our pups here at UpKeep, so this one hit home for us! Friends Forever Humane Society in Freeport, Illinois is in need of donations to help with maintenance to get their dog park operational for the season. The park directly supports the shelter, as members pay a small donation per visit. The dog pond is one of the main attractions for those dogs who are water-inclined, and it is crucial for the shelter’s annual revenue goals.
The pond before maintenance:
And the pond after maintenance:
It’s important to remember that there are so many industries around the world that use maintenance. Yet, not all of them have realized the power of reliability-centered maintenance. Yes, we love our pups, but the Friends Forever Humane Society’s story reminds us of more than that. Maintenance is done everywhere, and there’s still so much more potential for improvement!

If you’d like to join us in supporting Friends Forever Humane Society, please do so here.

supporting our maintenance community, upkeep

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