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Supporting Our Maintenance Community – Green Smoothie Trail Maintenance

Ryan Chan

UpKeep Donates to Maintenance Needs in our Communities

This week, UpKeep is proud to support trail maintenance in Australia. The local community is working together to fundraise for much needed maintenance to the Green Smoothie Trail in Fox Creek Bike Park, Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Organizer Nick Bowman describes the trail,

“The Green Smoothie is the perfect way to warm up for a day of shuttles, or a great place for newbies to start their new MTB [mountain biking] addiction! It’s also excellent for school groups and corporate outings. It has been well loved for a long time and now it is in need of comprehensive maintenance and repair.”

trail maintenance, upkeep

The 3km trail needs upgrading in order to reflect it’s place in the Fox Creek Trail Network. It’s a top-level trail and it should look like it! The community is hoping to bring in professional trail maintenance to enhance the drainage infrastructure. The overall project should only take a couple of weeks and could even be done in time for the Winter Holidays!

In addition to bettering this one trail, UpKeep is proud to support forest maintenance overall. It’s wildfire season in California where our headquarters are located, so how forest maintenance can reduce wildfires is definitely on our minds. We love this initiative to preventively care for the trails – both for the community’s enjoyment as well as the environment’s!

If you too would like to support this cause, you can find their donations page here.

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