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Supporting Our Maintenance Community – Houston Food Bank

Ryan Chan

UpKeep Donates to Maintenance Needs in our Communities

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Last month, an ammonia leak happened at the Houston Food Bank and forced them to throw away nearly 2 million pounds of fresh food, worth almost $3 million. The leak happened as the result of a cooling fan caving into a refrigerated area. The incident allowed ammonia into the refrigerated area, contaminating everything inside.

The Houston Food Bank operates 24 hours a day, and serves over 1 million people who struggle with food insecurity in the Greater Houston area. It is a massive 308,000 square foot facility that operates a warehouse, kitchen, and conference center.

We are proud to support the Houston Food Bank today in order to boost their maintenance program to ensure such a costly incident does not happen again. Regular maintenance is so important, especially in large facilities, in order to keep the company operating and prevent unplanned downtime.

If you too would like to support their cause, you can find their page here.

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