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Supporting Our Maintenance Community – Westwood Charter School

Ryan Chan

UpKeep Donates to Maintenance Needs in our Communities

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Over the past month, there have been numerous events of anti-Semitic vandalism that occurred throughout Los Angeles – at least three of which took place at schools. The Westwood Charter School, an elementary school, was one of those affected. UpKeep’s Los Angeles HQ is located in Westwood, and this act of hate hit close to home for us. CEO Ryan Chan shared,

“We won’t stand for any acts of hate and intolerance, especially those within our community. This type of discrimination is the opposite of everything that we stand for as a company, and does not serve anyone’s best interests. We work hard daily to spread positivity and help everyone – employees, customers, strangers – reach their highest potential. As we start 2020, let’s all commit to being better and looking out for one another along the way.”

We’re proud to donate to the Westwood Charter School this week to help support their maintenance teams with the clean-up from this awful act. To the Westwood Charter School – you are not alone, your community is here for you, and wishing you the best in 2020!

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