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UpKeep Updates: Mobile Technician Refresh!

Ryan Chan

Introducing: A Simplified Mobile Experience for Technicians

Technicians can accomplish more work orders, with less work to get there.

Tech mobile refresh

Click this image to see our revamped homescreen on mobile for technicians!

We are so excited to share the release of our brand new technician-focused mobile experience. When opening the UpKeep app on iOS or Android devices, you’ll notice that the home screen is more intuitive than ever before. The brand new design and organization of our app will energize your technicians to accomplish even more with UpKeep.

Why did we decide to refresh our app for technicians?

updated technician experience on upkeep for mobile

UpKeep was founded with the simplicity of technician experience at our forefront.

Our founder, Ryan Chan, was working out on the field and realized how much time he was spending going back and forth from working on equipment to the desktop computer to enter in important information. He noticed, however, that every software out there was desktop-based! What Ryan realized, and what others realized, is that technicians and people who work in maintenance and facilities never sit in front of a desktop. They are always out on the field. So, UpKeep was born with mobility at its core and the technician-focused experience at its foundation.

This brand new user experience update follows with our north star of taking away any roadblocks and increasing productivity for technicians. As you scroll through the home screen, you’ll quickly notice how everything technicians need to track their workloads are front and center. With everything we release, we ask ourselves whether it makes life easier for our end-users. For this update, we especially wanted to make our loyal users even more thrilled by how easy it is to use our mobile app.

What you can expect from our brand new mobile technician refresh

Brand new home screen to help you complete even more work orders

The home screen was redesigned to put exactly what technicians need front and center to quickly access everything they need. The home screen gives a first impression with quick filters to guide technicians to their most important work orders – past due, high priority, bookmarked, and last updated work orders.

Updated navigation menu to find what you need instantly

We’ve moved the navigation menu to be on the bottom of the screen to enhance navigation abilities for technicians. With a revamped design, technicians can create work orders and work requests more quickly – without the noise. With larger buttons where you need to find them, technicians can spend less time searching for the right information and more time getting work done.

You’ll also see that our app has a brand new design screen when you press “More Options.” This will take you to supplemental areas of our app, including locations, assets, parts & inventory, meters, people & teams, as well as vendors & customers.

Since technicians spend most of their days creating work requests and fulfilling work orders, we wanted to prioritize those areas to be right at the main home screen of the revamped design. Technicians can still access other areas of the app from the more options button.

Create a work order or request faster than ever before

Additionally, you’ll notice a new + button in the center of the menu bar at the bottom of the home screen. In just two taps from the home screen, technicians can generate a new work order or work request. We’ve taken the work off the technician to figure out how to use the app and instead, it becomes even more intuitive for technicians to get work done promptly and precisely.

How you can get started with our brand new maintenance app designed for technicians

Download UpKeep on the App Store or download UpKeep on the Google Play Store and try it out for free. We are so excited and we cannot wait to hear your feedback!

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