Two minutes with tyler the recruiter
Life at UpKeep

Introducing – Two Minutes with Tyler!

Ryan Chan

Culture ranks #1 at UpKeep

UpKeep’s Los Angeles HQ is growing quickly! Tyler the Recruiter takes a couple of minutes each week to introduce us to the amazing employees working behind the scenes to ensure our customers achieve their goals.

Watch our first four episodes here!

Episode 1: Peter, Technical Support Associate

In Episode 1, we meet Peter Kim, UpKeep’s Technical Support Associate. Learn more about what Peter does on the Customer Success team, the customers who use UpKeep each day, and the incredible company culture at UpKeep.

Episode 2: Sophie, Account Executive

In Episode 2, we meet Sophie, an Account Executive at UpKeep. Learn more about what Sophie does to help new customers use UpKeep each day.

Episode 3: Dale, iOS Developer

In Episode 3, we meet Dale Fairbourne, UpKeep’s iOS Developer. Learn more about what Dale does on the Product team and new upcoming product features.

Episode 4: Joe, VP of Customer Success

In Episode 4, we meet Joe, UpKeep’s VP of Customer Success. What does Customer Success mean at UpKeep? He talks about creating positive impact for customers – learn more!

We’re hiring! Learn more about careers at UpKeep here!

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