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UpKeep Announces a Free Version for All

Ryan Chan

Since launching UpKeep about 2 years ago, we’ve helped over 50,000 people streamline their maintenance and workflow. It has been absolutely astounding to see us grow so quickly. And today, we are so excited to announce our free version of UpKeep.

The first question we always get asked is “Why”?

Why release a free tier of UpKeep when you have a great business that is growing rapidly? Why change the way that maintenance software is typically purchased and sold? And why do something that is different from the norm?

To sum it up in one simple word, it is because of impact.

Our mission has always been to empower the technician, their manager, and the entire maintenance team to improve and be better. However, we noticed by having a pay wall, it prevented too many of our end users from driving change in their organization even though they strived for it. There was red tape in their organization that made it difficult to improve processes if you didn’t control a title. And too often, our end users were forced to use a system that was handed down from upper managers that actually made their daily work routine more difficult.

That is not UpKeep’s mission.

Since we started, we’ve had at least 20 different individuals come to us and say “I love UpKeep so much, that I am paying for it out of my own pocket because it’ll take months to cross all of the red tape and get approval” (seriously, we have a spreadsheet every time someone pays out of their own pocket). We absolutely love these stories and we want these stories to be the driving force for change in an organization.

Budget is important and restrictions are in place for good reason–I don’t disagree.

But a common response we get is “how can we justify spending money of a system if we don’t know the ROI”? This then brings us to a chicken and the egg problem; by never investing the time and money, you’ll never know.

We recognized this cycle and wanted to offer what we could to break the loop. With UpKeep’s free version, anyone will now be able to implement UpKeep and recognize the value that have seen whether you control the budget or not.

It may or may not be the best move for us financially as a company, only time will tell, but I know that by doing this, we will have the opportunity to make a bigger impact for the broader maintenance community. I am certain that by doing this we can help others drive change, no matter where you stand in the company’s corporate ladder and I am so so excited.

Bundled in with today’s announcement of our free plan of UpKeep, we are also rolling out an additional product line geared towards larger businesses called “UpKeep for Enterprise”. This new product tier allows enterprises to connect multiple facilities into a single UpKeep dashboard to give directors a high level overview of multiple facilities at once.


If you’d like to know how UpKeep’s CMMS solution can increase efficiency at your facility, contact sales for a live 1-on-1 demo.

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UpKeep is a mobile-first solution for maintenance management built for technicians and managers. It allows workers to snap a picture of a broken piece of equipment, create a work order, and send it off to the maintenance department for repair–all from their mobile device. They have over 50,000 users, who have realized the power of UpKeep. Visit to learn more

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