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UpKeep at the Maintainers III Conference

Ryan Chan

Earlier this week, UpKeep attended the Maintainers III Conference in Washington D.C. We’ve worked with the Maintainers in the past, and we were delighted to offer our support to their event. The conference was an eclectic exploration of “the concepts of maintenance, infrastructure, repair, and the myriad forms of labor and expertise that sustain our human-built world.” We want to say a special thank you to Lee Vinsel and Andy Russell, founders of The Maintainers, for curating and hosting such a great conference. Can’t wait for next year!

miii conference, maintenance, upkeep

MIII Recap

Our representative who attended, Heather Grant, reported back to our team on the conference. Here’s what she had to say!

“The MIII Conference was SO COOL! There were a few keynote speeches, and then sessions of about 3-5 various presentations. The sessions with multiple presenters were awesome because they each discussed an individual idea, then had a dialogue putting the various ideas into conversation. Speakers came from all disciplines and professions to present how maintenance is infused in our daily lives. All of the different presentations highlighted maintenance from unique perspectives, really showing how maintenance is all around us.

One of my favorite talks was from Jamie Ready, Director of Building Engineering and Energy Strategy at Georgia Institute of Technology. She discussed the ins and outs of facilities management at a massive university and told some great stories that illustrated the unique challenges her team faces every single day. I’m so excited to start a series of blog posts about some of the interesting topics I learned at the MIII Conference! More to come soon…”

miii conference, maintenance, upkeep

Heather Grant (center) with the founders of The Maintainers, Lee Vinsel (left) and Andy Russell (right). And check out their socks!

Check out more posts from the conference on our LinkedIn page!

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