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UpKeep Families, Friends, and Partners Working on the Frontlines

Ryan Chan

Throughout this past month, UpKeep has focused on how we can go above and beyond for our customers, communities, and employees.


1. What we are doing for our customers: 

  • We doubled down on our commitment to our customers and gave out approximately $100,000 worth of credits to our hardworking and dedicated customers.
  • We turned to our partners to provide resources at a discounted price for our customers to navigate COVID-19.
  • We sent flower bouquets to our retirement home customers who are serving one of the most at-risk populations of COVID-19.
  • We have been hosting educational webinars for our customers every week throughout the month of April.
  • We held our first Innovations 4 Hope (I4H) Hackathon to identify million dollar ideas and create concrete plans for execution that can provide value to our customers during this current crisis and in the resulting aftermath.
  • We created an educational course to help our customers during this time learn how to set up an account with UpKeep! But, we know everything is more fun when it’s a game – so we got creative with it. We thought of a fun storyline to help the information stick!

2. What we are doing for our communities: 

3. What we are doing for our employees: 

  • We are helping our team feel a sense of security, normalcy and empowerment by holding daily contests on Slack, company-wide events after working hours, eating lunch together through Zoom, and more!

    • You can read more about how we are keeping company culture alive here!
  • We created a Self-care and Social Impact Bingo Card that includes simple activities that can protect our team’s mental and physical health, as well as several actions to make an impact in helping to slow the spread of COVID-19 and provide assistance to those in need.

Highlighting the Support Systems Behind Our UpKeep Team Members

We also wanted to find ways to go above and beyond for our team’s family members, friends, and partners who are courageously working on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis. But, to do this, we first asked our team to share a picture of their loved one(s) who work on the frontlines, and tell us what they do for work. The response was overwhelming, and we wanted to share some of these incredible stories with you.

“This is my boyfriend Alec! Alec works at Trader Joe’s, and seems to have crazy work day after crazy work day right now. He gets to work between 4AM and 5AM, five days a week (including some weekends) to unload trucks of their daily deliveries and get the store ready to open each day.” – Heather Grant, Operations Manager

“This is my dad and brother, Russell and Benjamin. While this may sound jarring, they are funeral directors and perform the essential service of taking care of families during a time of grieving. They do amazing work around the clock and always put families first. Whether it’s making 3AM hospital drives or running services on holidays, they have always been on the frontlines helping families during difficult times.” – Roxie Friberg, FP&A Manager

“This is Dr. Shari, also known as my mom and best friend! She grew up fascinated by medicine and wanted to help children, so she became a pediatrician! She works in a pediatric practice and specializes in the care of children with special needs.” -Arie P., Product Marketing Lead

“These are my doctor friends, Claudia and Abby! I’m also in the pic (on the way left), but I am not a doctor. Claudia is doing her residency, and she is an OBGYN specializing in high risk pregnancies. She is on a small team of doctors who have specific training to handle certain emergency situations. If she and/or her team members get sick and cannot work, a lot of mothers and babies will be put at risk by not having the resources available to them that they will need. Abby is also doing her residency and she is in Anesthesiology. She currently has multiple COVID patients who she is working around the clock to help and do everything she can to make sure they fight off the virus and go home to their families safe and sound.” – Rachel Wittlin, Senior Implementation Manager

“This is my mom! My mom has been working as a store manager for over 20 years. She currently manages an overnight crew for one of the stores. She is responsible for managing the unloading of the trucks and stocking the store while it is closed which is always a huge task, but especially now with people’s shopping habits. I worry about her because she’s in contact with so many people, but she’s assured me that they’re washing their hands, maintaining distance, and wearing gloves.” – Elizabeth Johnson, Senior Customer Success Manager

“This is my dear friend Jen. I used to babysit her, and now she’s a doctor! She’s one of those bright shiny humans you can’t help but love the moment you meet her. Last week, she was triaging patients over the phone. This week, she’s working the ER.” – Victoria Johnson, Customer Marketing Manager

“I’d like to introduce you to some of my family: Michelle (sister-in-law, left) works as an ICU nurse working directly with COVID patients at the moment. Krystal (wife, top right) also an ICU nurse working with COVID patients. In the bottom right picture is, starting left to right, Krystal (wife), Julia (younger sister, NICU) and Janette (older sister, Neuro ICU). I always joked, if I ever got hurt, I’d be in good hands with 4 nurses close to me. Everyday now, I’m hearing stories of truly heroic actions during this crisis. All the respect and love to those on the front lines taking care of patients and their families first and putting themselves second.” – Jay Zandstra, Sales Enablement Manager

Thank you to all of our amazing frontline workers!

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