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Keeping up with UpKeep in the News: October 11, 2019

Ryan Chan

Here’s a weekly round-up of UpKeep in articles, podcasts, videos and more across the world-wide-web!

[Forbes] 13 Proven Tips For Reliably Managing Tech Projects

Our CEO, Ryan, shares his top tips on effectively managing projects across teams, departments, and more. How do we prioritize customers from a project management lens? Learn more from Ryan and other experts in this Forbes Tech Council article!

[PetaCrunch] UpKeep, empowering maintenance teams to revolutionize their businesses

Ryan discusses the story of how he was inspired to start UpKeep while working as a process-development engineer at a membrane manufacturing plant and his visions for the future of our company.

[Modern Restaurant Management] The Best Maintenance Plan for your Restaurant

Warren Wu, our Growth Marketing Manager, guest blogs for Modern Restaurant Management. In this post, Warren provides a strategy on what type of maintenance plan to choose for your restaurant. Your maintenance plans can turn into actionable results for your business – and Warren shares exactly how to make that happen!

[Stessa] Real estate investor guide to automation: Breaking down the hype

Stessa covers UpKeep as a product that helps real estate managers automate work orders, saving them valuable time and money. Automating aspects of your real estate investment business, the company argues, opens avenues for higher value-add tasks that directly produce income, reduce expenses, and help you acquire new properties. We are thrilled to be featured and agree with Stessa, UpKeep is just one way you can revolutionize your real estate company.

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