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Keeping Up With UpKeep in the News! September 20, 2019

Here’s a weekly round-up of UpKeep in articles, podcasts, videos and more across the world-wide-web!

Improving wastewater plant efficiency
Podcast: Improving Wastewater Plant Efficiency with UpKeep CEO Ryan Chan

Ever wonder how to improve efficiency of a wastewater plant? Or what could go wrong in a wastewater plant and why would it go wrong? Or how to improve the efficiency of a wastewater plant? CEO Ryan Chan joins the Pumps & Systems podcast to talk about all these topics and more!

The 5 things no one tells you about going through hyper-growth

Read our CEO’s latest article on the top 5 things that change as your company goes through hyper-growth. Today, UpKeep has 3,000 paid customers, 30,000 businesses that rely on us, 200,000 users, millions of work orders created, and hundreds of companies signing up for UpKeep every single day. Learn more about how we’re approaching growth as a company alongside our product.

6 ways to make the factory more productive

ResourceMFG explored how you can make small changes in your factory to increase productivity. Learn how UpKeep is improving production processes!

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