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UpKeep is Expanding the Team

Ryan Chan

UpKeep is the first mobilized asset management solution that aims to simplify work order process. We use software to improve the user experience and reduce costs for businesses all over the world, and as a result, our growth is exploding. In the past year, we’ve grown more than 10x and expect to grow 10x more in 2018, not just in revenue, but also headcount.

We’re excited to announce that UpKeep is hiring across all departments; engineering, sales, marketing, customer success, and much more! Read on to find out what UpKeep’s mission is for the next year, what we’ve accomplished in the past year alone, and, of course, what positions we’re hiring for.

Why we work on UpKeep

We are motivated every day at the prospect of using technology to reach industries barely touched by it. Our objective isn’t to replace maintenance teams, but to empower them to become twice as productive and allow them to receive recognition for the meaningful work they do that is often lost in a paper trail. Thousands of customers have seen incredible and quantifiable value from our software; we’re truly transforming an industry and we’re just getting started.


What we’ve accomplished so far

Reaching 50,000 users, establishing a 98% retention rate, and becoming more of a household name in the manufacturing industry, 2017 has been an exhilarating, fast-paced, and transformative year for UpKeep:

We went through Y-combinator
• Y-combinator accepts less than 1% of applicants worldwide, after an intense 3-month program, UpKeep manages to grow exponentially.

UpKeep raises $2.7 million
• We’re genuinely changing an industry and investors have taken notice. They believe in our team and our mission enough to become a part of the journey.

Upkeep has been making the news
UpKeep Taps into Market for Blue Collar Workers – Wall Street Journal
UpKeep gives Companies an App to Speed Up Maintenance – TechCrunch
UpKeep named Top 5 Most Popular CMMS – Capterra
Ryan Chan, CEO of UpKeep, named in Forbes 30 under 30
•You can read more articles about UpKeep here.

We’re hiring for these positions

We’re increasing our headcount significantly as a reflection of our demanding growth. UpKeep is a cash-flow positive startup, on a trajectory to become a billion-dollar business. 2017 was one of our best years and we’re expecting an exponentially better 2018 and beyond. UpKeep is like a train, every station is like a milestone, and we get faster after every station, right now we’re going 100 mph, this year we’ll be going 1000. If you think you’re qualified, check out all our positions below and see if you have what it takes to hop on board our fast-moving train.

Software Engineering Jobs

Design Jobs

Customer Success Jobs

Operation Jobs

Sales Jobs

Product Jobs

Updated August 2019

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