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UpKeep Launches Online Courses

Ryan Chan

One of our goals here at UpKeep is to share educational resources within our community to encourage continuous learning and development. Today, we’re releasing the first course in a series of new online classes available for individuals in the maintenance and reliability space: Reliability City: Training Camp 1 (UpKeep Basics).

In this course, you will learn the ropes of UpKeep and go through step by step how to set up each aspect of your new account. We know everything is more fun when it’s a game – so we got creative with it. We hope our fun storyline will help the information stick! Read more about Reliability City’s fight against Breakdown Bob and his evil crew, The Unreliabiles, here

We’re currently offering this course for FREE – enroll in Training Camp 1 before the deal ends!

Welcome to Reliability City!

Reliability City is our fictional world where maintenance and reliability preside. RC has long been the pinnacle of GREAT maintenance; however, villains from The Unreliabiles have been sweeping the country, destroying cities one by one – and reports say that Reliability City is next on their list!

Reliability City: Training Camp 1 (UpKeep Basics)

We’re so glad you’ve answered our cry for help and joined our maintenance superhero training. Before you can get out into the city and help defeat The Unreliables, you and your fellow superheroes must first learn about your greatest super gadget – UpKeep. Study hard and learn quickly – Reliability City needs you!

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