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UpKeep Launches Sensors For Predictive Maintenance

Ryan Chan

Real-time asset monitoring with UpKeep Sensors.

Today, we are so incredibly excited to announce our launch of UpKeep Sensors which is available starting TODAY but are currently on backorder until February 1st 2020!

UpKeep Sensors is the ultimate platform for IoT and predictive maintenance. It’s designed for reliability engineers who need a robust platform to monitor asset health, track downtime, and facility health in real time.

UpKeep sensors is the first brand new product line outside of our core product for maintenance and asset management.

Our vision for sensors was simple — we wanted to give our customers a way to not only manage their workflow, but also give them real time insight into their equipment and facilities. We’ve been secretly in beta testing with several customers and the response has been astounding. We’ve been able to help them find and detect issues with heating, ventilation, and mission critical food prep equipment.

Today, we start with real time temperature monitoring sensors with open APIs that you can connect to the UpKeep Sensors platform.

The future is bright as we continue to bring on additional partners into our ecosystem and integrate in sensors from vibration, humidity, line speed, voltage, and more! Expect to see more sensors come online in the next coming months after today’s initial launch of UpKeep Sensors!

The setup is simple, only takes 10 minutes, and connects directly to your UpKeep account. Set up sensors, create alerts, and schedule automatic work order generation directly from a high/low limit threshold being passed.

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Curious to see exactly HOW easy it is to set up? Here are ACTUAL sensors that we’ve installed at one of our customer’s facilitites that serves the Los Angeles Airport!

Fig. 1 Install your UpKeep Sensors


Fig. 2 Connect the sensors to your UpKeep account

Fig. 3 Voila! Done in 10 minutes!

In just the first month of installation, one of our customers uncovered some longstanding maintenance issues. 

Readings were consistently high for one of their walk in freezers, which caused them to investigate.  Turns out one of their exhaust fans was broken and one of their refrigerants was empty which meant the freezer wasn’t actually as cold as it was supposed to be. UpKeep Sensors helped alert them to maintenance issues which likely would have led to a breakdown like the freezer going down completely if left unattended.

For the few select group of customers, the response has been incredible and today, we are excited to launch UpKeep Sensors to the public.

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