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UpKeep Mid-Month Update May 2018

We have some exciting news this month. Check out the latest product updates, a new customer success story, and our recently announced UpKeep Training Sessions.

New Product Updates 5/16

We have a few big updates that we know you’ll be excited to use; automated workflows, custom integrations, purchase orders, and more!

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How Jet.com (Walmart owned) uses UpKeep

Jet.com was determined to have a centralized system to keep track of their maintenance. We spoke with Jonathan Price to learn more about how exactly different departments utilize UpKeep.


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Check out our New UpKeep Training Session

Gain the skills you need to be an UpKeep expert. Our Weekly Training Sessions take place every Tuesday at 10 am PST.




UpKeep has Partnered with IBM!

We’re excited to finally announce our partnership with IBM and being listed on the IBM Marketplace.

IBM x UpKeep

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