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Movie Night at UpKeep

Ryan Chan

Here at UpKeep, we’ve got a lot of reasons to celebrate.

As we’re wrapping up August at UpKeep, it’s hard to forget what an incredible summer it has been at our Westwood HQ. With four new Sales Development Representatives, our very first Recruiter, a new Senior Vice President of Sales, AND a new Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering, our office is filled with many reasons to celebrate.

So, what better reason to throw an office drive-in movie night? Well, that’s exactly what we did here at our UpKeep HQ. We invited every department to attend the inaugural summer movie night – in our very own office!

Employees were surprised to enter the office Monday morning and discover personalized driver’s licenses.

Clear Eyes, Full Stomachs, Can’t Lose.

Hands sticky with popcorn and stomachs filled with In-N-Out Burgers and fries, we had the absolute best Monday evening together. Our team voted on watching “Cars,” a natural choice for our Los Angeles surroundings in the five o’clock rush-hour traffic. To avoid the mad dash out of the office, we instead stayed inside. Even better, our office was cozily transformed with throw-pillows and jazzed up with super-sized connect four and Jenga. Even better, buttery smells filled the office (and the entire hallway) from a throwback popcorn machine.

In-N-Out burgers, fries, and homemade popcorn!

Gritty Resourcefulness

But wait, you might be wondering, how could you drive into an office? We found a workplace workaround solution to make just that happen! Gritty resourcefulness is core to our company’s culture and of course, we had to think outside of the box to turn our office into a drive-in movie theater. The team was surprised to enter the office Monday morning and find office chairs decked out in drive-in essentials. UpKeep license plates AND personalized drivers licenses awaited everyone to ease the Monday morning blues! Finally, after a long day, we all wheeled on over to our main office area and buckled up for an evening of adventure on the delightful Pixar highway.

Additionally, maintenance is ALWAYS on our minds at UpKeep. From the moment the movie began, you could hear employee murmurings of the need for more preventative maintenance practices included in the plot of “Cars.” Funny you ask, a CMMS would have saved hours of time and increased equipment uptime for the characters in the film.

UpKeep movie night

The team gathers in the office for a drive-in movie night!

We’re Hiring!

Drive-in movie night is just one of the many reasons why people love working at UpKeep. From team bonding nights, to the workplace culture of employee appreciation, it is no secret why UpKeep is one of Built in LA’s Top Places to Work.

Join us, we’re hiring!

To learn more about our current openings, visit www.onupkeep.com/careers!

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