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UpKeep Named The #1 Facility Management Software By GetApp & Gartner

We are all SO thrilled to be named the #1 Software for Facilities and maintenance management by GetApp a Gartner owned company. This recognition doesn’t come easy and is a result of all of the hard work every single member of our team has put into building the company that we are today.

Thank you to…

  • Our engineering and product teams for spending months and weeks striving to build the absolute best product for our end users. For spending countless days and nights talking to customers, sifting through hundreds of customer feedback requests, and ultimately building the amazing product that UpKeep is today.
  • Our marketing team for helping drive the brand and awareness that we have today. For helping recognize the customers that we serve that often go unnoticed and for sharing all of the stories of our unsung heroes
  • Our sales team for being the genuine consultant to our customers and people we consider unsung heroes. For always wanting what is best and for helping do what is right for THEM. Our company has a core value of always choosing what is right for our customers over revenue and I am so grateful for them for taking this value to heart.
  • Our customer success team for never stopping at just product adoption, but constantly going the extra mile and going above for our customers.
  • Our operations team for taming the craziness and growth our team has experienced. For jumping in to support EVERY single member of the team
  • Our customers that have a multitude of different options, but put their TRUST in us at UpKeep. Our customers are ultimately what makes us so successful today and we wouldn’t be here without YOU.

Onwards and upwards!!! Let’s celebrate this one for another big year ahead!!

-Ryan Chan

CEO and Founder at UpKeep