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Company Culture Ranks #1 at UpKeep in Los Angeles: 10 Reasons Why You Should Work at UpKeep

Ryan Chan

Company Culture Ranks #1 at UpKeep in Los Angeles: 10 Reasons Why You Should Work at UpKeep

While many people think of Silicon Valley as the hub of the tech industry, Los Angeles is quickly becoming the place to be, if you want to join a growing start-up. In Los Angeles, there are over 17,000 start-ups! Additionally,  Inc. recently named Los Angeles as one of the top 10 startup cities in America. With so many options to choose from, you want to find a place where you belong.

We’re here to make the choice easy and share why our startup is the best place to work in Los Angeles.

From weekly Tuesday coffee chats with our CEO and brand new hires, to employee appreciation videos for every person’s work anniversary, you are celebrated in many ways when you work at UpKeep. UpKeep is a place you can grow alongside some of the most kind, mission-driven, and hardworking people you’ll ever meet.

We’ve listed the top 10 reasons why UpKeep’s culture ranks #1.

1. Be part of a mission-driven company with purpose

Only 1% of venture capital is funneled towards the deskless workforce, yet 80% of the global workforce is not sitting at a desk. At UpKeep, we are investing in the future of maintenance by taking the work out of work orders. UpKeep is the leading mobile-first CMMS/Enterprise Asset Management System helping maintenance teams all over the world get work done.

We’re mission-driven and believe that with technology, workers in maintenance across industries can receive more recognition for their hard work. Our product was built with purpose, so you can come into the office feeling the impact of your work everyday. Over 30,000 businesses are keeping track of maintenance work orders using UpKeep. Maintenance managers like Eric can get more work done in a day, so he can come home earlier and have dinner with his family. People like Arturo are reducing labor costs for his school district and using UpKeep’s work order histories to help students have working drinking fountains.

2. Celebrate the best customers everyday

Customer commitment is one of our core company values. We love to celebrate the heroes in maintenance who support and sustain our world. Recently, we launched a website devoted to showcasing the stories of individuals who work in maintenance, as well as a thank you banner to our customers on NASDAQ Tower in Times Square.

We also love highlighting stories of leaders in the maintenance and reliability industry on our podcast, Masterminds in Maintenance.

Our customers also share their ideas with us on our UpKeep Maintenance Management Community Group on Linkedin.

3. Opportunity for growth

UpKeep team - Upkeep ranks number one in Los Angeles

UpKeep Employees

In the past 5 months, we’ve doubled the size of our company!

It’s pretty rare to say you had the opportunity to grow alongside a company at the ripe moment. UpKeep had humble beginnings and is now going through a stage of hyper-growth.

What started out as a passion project by our CEO, Ryan Chan, has evolved into a company that has doubled in size the past 5 months!

We’ve seen some awesome people grow into promotions and leadership roles, including Jon and Susie, Garris and Nicole, Ben and Roy, Caitlyn, and Miji, to name a few. And the next one could be you!

4. Employee appreciation & team bondings

team bonding, customer success, upkeep

Employee appreciation is CORE to our company culture. Every new hire is featured on our company blog with their own introduction post! During each monthly all-hands meeting, every employee handwrites a shoutout note of gratitude to someone in the office who went above and beyond to help the team. Even our global employees send in their electronic shoutouts in real-time! From all corners of the world, from California, to Macedonia, to India, and the United Kingdom, gratitude is what keeps us all connected.

Each quarter, each team at UpKeep embarks on a team bonding outing. Whether it’s Customer Success venturing through the spooky mazes of Hollywood horror nights, CorePower yoga led by our very own Heather, or Operations team building in an escape room, it’s always an adventure at UpKeep.

5. Mindful Awareness Meditation Sessions

Mindful Awareness Meditations at UpKeep. UpKeep's culture ranks number one in los angeles

The Hammer Museum is right across the street from our office, where weekly mindfulness sessions are held by UCLA mindfulness researchers. UpKeep employees have access to the BEST experts in mindful awareness meditation, right at their footsteps.

Mindfulness meditation is at UpKeep too! Tech companies and CEOs all over the world are trying the trend and we’re on board. We’re lucky enough to be located so close to such amazing resources, like UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Once a month, UpKeep employees are invited to join mindful awareness meditation sessions by industry experts. Wellness is important to us, as we continue to grow!

6. Social impact & sustainability

UpKeep social impact

Social impact and sustainability are core to our employee culture at UpKeep. We donate each week to a different maintenance cause or a fund that supports our community. For example, UpKeep helped a middle school purchase a lawnmower for their environmental science classes.

Additionally, we have a sustainability committee of UpKeep employees that comes up with ideas on how to make our office more green friendly. It’s also safe to say that UpKeep as a product is saving tons of carbon waste for businesses. Do you know how much paper is saved annually by switching over to UpKeep?

7. Employee anniversaries

Work anniversaries at Upkeep, where culture ranks number one in Los Angeles

We love work anniversaries!! When you have a work anniversary at UpKeep, you’re celebrated in BIG ways. Experience life at UpKeep by watching the most recent work anniversary videos we made for our Chief of Staff, Caitlyn Young and our Vice President of Customer Success, Joe Schmitt.

8. A CEO Who Cares

A CEO who cares about employees at UpKeep

Culture ranks number one at UpKeep

Our CEO, Ryan Chan, is the coolest! He LOVES maintenance, he LOVES capslock, he LOVES UpKeep’s customers, and he LOVES getting to know employees on a personal level.

As we grow and scale, it’s important to Ryan to remain true to our humble beginnings. Every Tuesday, Ryan takes our different new employees to coffee! You also might find him joining a sales meeting and helping to call customers.

9. Professional development & mentorship

UpKeep professional development culture ranks number one

There are endless options for professional development and mentorship at UpKeep. Every Wednesday, the entire Los Angeles team gathers for a company-catered lunch and learns. You have the opportunity to learn from some of the brightest on a range of topics.

You also frequently have access to working across departments and there’s so much flexibility to see your ideas come to life quickly. You have a manager who you have the opportunity to learn from in weekly one-on-ones and coworkers who always are here to help.

10. Challenging, meaningful work.. that is FUN!

upkeep, halloween, team

Finally, you want to work somewhere that aligns with your values. At UpKeep, our core values are what help us stay true to our roots. Customer commitment, dedication to progress, and gritty resourcefulness are what stay the same, no matter how big we get in the future.

We make maintenance fun. You see our values come to life in our own fun, UpKeepy way every single day.

If you see yourself somewhere that challenges you with meaningful work, and somewhere you can have fun with the most supportive people, then UpKeep is the place for you!

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