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UpKeep’s Sales Team Bonding over Bowling!

Ryan Chan

Team Culture Ranks #1 at UpKeep!

It’s no secret why UpKeep was listed as one of Built in LA’s 2019 best places to work! Our people are the best part of UpKeep. We don’t just work hard – we make sure to have fun too!

Last Friday, the UpKeep Sales Team ventured to a bowling alley for team bonding night! The competition was fierce, but the smiles never went away and the laughter never stopped!

Reflecting after the fun event Garris Yeung, our Senior Director of Sales, took to LinkedIn to write a heartwarming and thoughtful post about his team. He said, “The best team that I can ever ask for! It’s been such a fun journey at UpKeep, where we started with one [Account Executive] to a team of 25 sales people. I cannot be more grateful. Here’s to 2020 with this crew!” 

We love fostering a company culture where everyone genuinely cares for each others’ success and happiness!

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