Using Modern Technology to Better Manage Your Facility

Ryan Chan

Technology is evolving all around us and is constantly changing how we live, work, and interact.

Innovations such as smartphones and the cloud are modern technology at it’s best and have made many processes both more efficient and more convenient. UpKeep Maintenance Management has integrated this exact technology into its system to better service your needs. By using a modern tool of technology in your facilities such as UpKeep, you will gain benefits such as reducing the amount of time it takes to train employees and get work done faster, drastically improve communication among your team, and reduce paperwork and clutter.

One aspect of modern technology is that it makes completing work a faster, simpler process.

You know that training takes time and people are resistant to change. Using modern technology in your facility can save you the time and money it takes to train new employees. Before mod maintenance management technology such as UpKeep, new employees would need to be trained in how to use and log the schedule, submitting work orders, where different files are kept such as stock inventory, and aspects. With all of your data and records in one, accessible place (The UpKeep) cloud, instructing new employees becomes much simpler. If your company has just switched to UpKeep from an older management system, UpKeep is user friendly, so it will be easy to adapt to new changes. You will put more time in your team’s hands by streamlining the time it takes to submit and accept work orders, track inventory, and schedule and assign maintenance requests.

Having more time to accomplish your team’s goals is awesome.

Effective communication is also a must for running an effective asset management firm. With UpKeep, you will drastically improve communication amongst yourself, your employees, and your customers. With our application available on your phone, tablet, or desktop, you can keep in touch wherever you are. Use push notifications and stay updated and communicate with your team in real time. You can send and view data trends as well as pictures of inventory and repairs from the UpKeep application over your phone. Another great benefit of UpKeep is that long back and forth email are no longer a requirement for effective communication. With all of the tools we provide, communicating and providing updates to team members simultaneously with the ease of an app.

Lastly, by using UpKeep you will reduce paperwork and clutter, which is a benefit for both you and the environment. The application allows you to do everything online and rather your need is to submit a work order, billing, schedules, or expense reports, you can save the information and later access it from anywhere.

The advent of more advanced technology has reached maintenance and facilities management, making it easier to get work done, communicate in real-time, and be environmentally friendly. Download UpKeep to experience these benefits and more.

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