How to use modern technology for your facility

Ryan Chan

It seems easier to physically write down memos to communicate with facility members. And although there’s a risk of loss, keeping every piece of paperwork stowed in another office isn’t orderly, but it is familiar.

Thing is, modern technology, when given the chance, will train employees easier, communicate faster, and organize paperwork better — when implemented correctly. It’s the best, most efficient way to work with your facility management team.

Using modern technology for facility managers

Technology streamlines employee training

Modern technology doesn’t take away from employee training — it enhances the experience. Your managers dedicate company hours to training new employees. While beneficial to each employee, it takes the managers away from their primary role in the company, which can lead to backups and slower overall processes.

The more employees you have, the more difficult one-on-one training becomes. Modern technology, however, allows employees to get the same training without managers having to neglect a full day’s work. And if the employee has issues, they can always clarify with the manager.

With words, pictures, and videos at your disposal, an employee can send a question and have it answered through an application — like UpKeep — without anyone having to leave their post.


Modern Technology dramatically improves communication for Facility Management Teams

Will anyone miss shouting from one side of the building to the other? Or replacing finicky walkie-talkies with limited distances and frequencies?

Applications on our phones have immensely improved the way people communicate in the workplace. Face-to-face communication will always be superior. But when it’s not possible, like when someone is out in the field, technology does it best.

With our phones within reach, we have the ability to send real-time messages about the situation or problem at hand, like if a valuable piece of equipment isn’t working as it should. Use UpKeep to take photos of the equipment and send it to be viewed by repairmen. Or put out a PSA for other employees to not use this equipment until it has been reviewed.

If the equipment is making an odd noise, you can record it through video. It’s more reliable than trying to replicate the sound with your voice. And with technology, you can keep all facility members updated throughout the process — all while receiving updated responses back.

The problem is addressed and updated quickly. This means less down time while everyone is kept in the know, reducing additional errors and complications.


Technology reduces paperwork and clutter

How much paperwork is involved in your everyday business? Inventory, bills, expenses, costs, manufacturing information, employee signatures and bank info, receipts, handwritten messages, notes…it’s piling up in front of your eyes.

The issue isn’t so much the paperwork, but keeping track of all that paperwork. It’s a lot to remember, to manage, and to repeatedly keep in order. You also need a system in place in case a piece goes missing — especially if it’s an order form, which can derail business or incur unexpected losses.

The technology aims to reduce a headache surrounding the overflowing paperwork. UpKeep, for example, provides a safe haven for work orders, receipts, inventory, contracts, messages, and other paperwork crucial to your business.

No one needs to take additional time to go search for the paperwork, pulling them from their duties for even a few minutes. Because it’s right there, in their hand, every time.



UpKeep can streamline your business process, improve communication, and keep all that paperwork organized. It’s free to try, so go check it out!




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