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Welcome to the team, Kyle!

Ryan Chan

Another new addition to the team this week, Kyle!

Welcome to UpKeep!!! Kyle recently graduated from Pepperdine and is joining us in sales as a Sales Development Representative.

Kyle, I’m so excited for you to work with Anthony and Garris, the rest of the sales team, and our customers in maintenance and facilities management. The UpKeep team is growing every day and I see you becoming an integral part of our team’s growth. I can’t wait to see you kill it with our customers!

I was especially impressed by how prepared you were coming in to meet with the team. You asked such thoughtful questions about UpKeep’s goals and the direction of the business. To me, this just showed your interest you are in the product and how SaaS sales function overall. Your ambition and work ethic are admirable, and we’re so glad you’re here!!

I spoke with Anthony and here’s what he said!

“Kyle has a focus that I am looking for on the team! He brings a curiosity around the product and how we help our customers that will ensure success for him in his role! I am very excited to see Kyle’s career progress at UpKeep.”

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