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Welcome to the team, Steve!!

Ryan Chan

steve sperandeo, technical operations

Welcome, welcome, welcome to UpKeep, Steve!!!

Well, sort of… Steve Sperandeo has been a contractor with us for a couple of months now and has proved himself invaluable to our product and engineering team. Today, we welcome Steve to a full-time role as our Senior Director of Technical Operations.

Steve is poised to step up our product’s scalability in HUGE ways as we head in strong to Q4 of 2019. You have already proven to myself and everyone else on the team how valuable you are to the longevity of our app.

Steve is based in Canada, taking our international team to another country! We’re lucky enough to host him this week at our Los Angeles HQ. We’re so glad we all got to meet you – and you’re even funnier in person!

Thank you, Steve, for everything you’ve already done for our team and our product. We can’t wait for what’s to come!

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