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Welcome to the team, Tyler!

Ryan Chan

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A HUGE warm welcome to Tyler Blum, who is joining the UpKeep team as our very first in-house recruiter.

Tyler, I can’t wait for you to get started and find more amazing additions to our team. I am certain you’ll be the who drives culture within our our organization through our core values of choosing…

  1. Customers over revenue
  2. Progress over perfection
  3. and Grit over prestige

There were a couple things that stood out to me from the first time we talked during our interview together:

  1. Your professionalism and your insane work ethic. I see you as more of just a recruiter to the UpKeep team, but as a strategic partner alongside each department and to the company so we can all accomplish the same end goal. You’re a great communicator and very personable, which makes you the ideal liaison between UpKeep and our potential employees!!!
  2. This one might seem silly, but the way you handled the post-interview followup. That post-followup “thank you” you had sent me and us was one of the best I’ve EVER seen (and yes I did read it and yes it did get forwarded around!). Knowing that’s what YOU do during an interview, gives me the certainty that that is what you’ll expect for the quality of people we bring onto the team and nothing less.

I’m so excited to have you onboard, Tyler!! I think our growing team is going to be awesome with your help in finding the next perfect hire for UpKeep!!!

To learn more about our current openings, visit!

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