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Welcome to UpKeep — Donnie Markham

Ryan Chan

Welcoming Donnie Markham to the UpKeep Family!

We’re so excited to welcome Donnie to the team this week! Donnie is joining us as our Full Stack Engineer, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him starting! Here is our interview with him!

We’re excited to welcome you to the UpKeep family today, Donnie! Tell us a little about yourself! 

I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I’m the middle child of three, the only boy. My wife and I have been married for two years now and we also have three little ones ages seven, five, and one. I have a really big family and love to spend time with them whenever I can. I’m a big Saints and Lakers fan and I can’t wait to see them play live.

How did you first get into Engineering?

I was first introduced to programming/engineering by my 7th grade “Typing Class” instructor. He allowed us to build really simple programs during class just to show us what was possible. From that point on, I’ve loved building apps/programs that help solve problems.

Why are you excited to join UpKeep?

I’m excited to join UpKeep because of the company’s potential. I’m looking forward to helping the team reach goals and set new standards in the industry.

What are your first thoughts about the culture and team so far?

The culture is great and the team has been so welcoming.

We hear you love going to all types of live events! What’s your favorite live event that you’ve ever been to? What’s the first live event you want to go to once venues are able to open back up?

My favorite live event would be the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert my wife and I went to a few years ago. I think the first live event I would want to go to when venues open back up is a Saints or Lakers game.

Finally, and most importantly, what would you be if you were a kitchen utensil?

The kitchen utensil I would be is a bowl. Bowls can be used a lot of different ways.

Welcome, Donnie!

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